Behind the Scenes - by Andrew Thompson Rare Fruit Society, a review of progress What is happening behind-the-scenes in the Rare Fruit Society? As… Learn More
Canistel - Canistel Pouteria campechiana A slender and erect evergreen tree with cream coloured fragrant flowers, native to the highland areas of… Learn More
Cherimoya - Cherimoyas are native to the upland regions of Central America and grow well in many parts of South Australia. Cherimoya… Learn More
Cottony Cushion Scale - The Cottony Cushion Scale Icerya purchasi is a scale insect often found on citrus trees. It’s an Australian native but… Learn More
Espalier - John’s Espalier Project Plum Espalier “We commenced planting our fruit tree orchard in the early eighties. Diligently we spaced a… Learn More
Jujubes - Jujube Li 2 Jujubes originated in China where they have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years and where there… Learn More
Muntries - Muntries Kunzea pomifera – Native Cranberry, Munthari, Muntaberry Kunzea pomifera is a low growing shrub in the Myrtaceae family, native to the southern areas… Learn More
Naranjilla - A small perennial shrub with large spines growing out from stems, branches, and leaves, that has long been cultivated in… Learn More
Native Bees - Australian-Native-Bees All these photographs were taken in the Plains / Foothills area north of Adelaide, but the species depicted can… Learn More
Native Mint - By Mark Henley The mint family, Lamiaceae, contains over 200 members (geni) that include Mentha, which are mints, Ocimum (basils)… Learn More
Plant Profile: Riberries - by Mark Henley The Riberry, Syzygium Luehmannii, is a native Australian plant that deserves widespread planting and eating. Heavy riberry… Learn More
Pomegranates - Jativa fruit Punicaceae – Punica granatum – Chinese Apple, Melagrana Pomegranates are believed to have originated in the area from… Learn More
Quandong - The Quandong Santalum acuminatum is a small evergreen tree related to the Sandalwoods, native to the southern parts of Australia.… Learn More
Swimming Against the Tide - Anzac Peach by Tony Stevens As epicurean horticulturists, we may possibly have a deeper role in this trans national corporate… Learn More
Tamarillo - Ecuadorean Orange Tamarillo, Adelaide Hills The Tamarillo [Solanum betaceum (syn. Cyphomandra betacea)] is another cultigen [it is not known in… Learn More
The Fignificent Forgotten Fig - by John Rance It just doesn’t figure that the dependable fig tree, the fruit tree most valued by our pioneering… Learn More
Visit to Midway Park - Text and photos by Mike Bertram I recently visited Robert Middleton’s magnificent “Midway Park” property and garden at Rosslyn Park.… Learn More

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