Cherimoyas are native to the upland regions of Central America and grow well in many parts of South Australia.

Cherimoya - Bronceadal
Cherimoya – Bronceadal

They can grow into a large tree but like other species, can be kept to a manageable size by judicious pruning. In our climate, they are briefly deciduous in late winter but recover their leaves quickly as the spring weather warms.

The flowers have a scent just like the fruit tastes. They develop from buds that grow hidden beneath the leaf stalk; as the flower bud starts to swell it pushes the leaf off the stalk.

Due to the absence of natural pollinators in our region, flowers generally need hand pollination. This can be done with a small soft brush e.g. small watercolour brush.

Fruit are large, green and conical shaped. Ripeness is indicated by the skin turning a greenish yellow colour. The white flesh is soft and sweet with numerous hard black, 1 centimetre long seeds.

They can be easily grown from seed and seedlings will fruit, but they are generally used as rootstocks for more recognised varieties which include Brondceval, Fino de Jete and the local selection Southern Knights. They can be grafted or chip budded in late spring.

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