Neutrog Fertilisers
Based in Kanmamtoo South Australia, Neutrog is Australia’s largest supplier of premium quality organic fertilisers. In Spring and Autumn each year, the Rare Fruit Society organises a large order of Neutrog products for members. Neutrog is also on Facebook.

Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld
Promotes the growing and use of rare, unusual, and common types of fruit trees, bush food, and vegetables. Excellent information including extensive list of fruit growing articles and some great links.

The Rare Fruit Club WA
An informal group of Western Australian enthusiasts, professionals and orchardists interested in growing sub-tropical and tropical fruits and unusual varieties of more common fruits.
Avocado research articles and links to other worthwhile Avocado sites

University of California Riverside Citrus Variety Collection
Lots of very detailed information on Citrus species and varieties.

Orange Pippin Apples
Incredibly comprehensive English website, dealing mainly in apples but good information on pears, cherries and plums as well. Listing of over 600 apple varieties alone. Details of history, flavour, and many other attributes. Forum for Q&A

Fruit Lover’s Megalinks
A huge collection of fruit related links.

MI Apple Farm
Heritage fruit, vegetable and flower farm specialising particularly in heritage apples.
A lot of info and alternate apple names here.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Comprised of three botanic gardens and has served the community of South Australia for more than 140 years. The three gardens are situated in Adelaide, Mount Lofty and Wittunga.

Big Horse Creek Farm
Specializing in antique and heirloom apple trees with many photos and descriptions.

Citrus Pages
Wide-ranging compilation of citrus types / varieties with photographs and information on citrus from all over the world.

California Rare Fruit Growers
The aim of this organisation is to promote the culture of rare and exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Outstanding resources on this site include photos and fact sheets.

Community Gardens of Australia
Covering most aspects of backyard and community gardening with an emphasis on organic methods.

Garden Clubs of Australia
The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. is an umbrella organisation for garden clubs and other kindred and like minded societies, associations and groups throughout Australia

Gardening Australia
ABC gardening site. Discover how to turn your love of gardening into reality in your own backyard.

Book of Pears Website
Website of “Book of Pears” author Joan Morgan. Includes photos of many pear varieties as well as other fruit information and a public forum.

Growing Dragon Fruit
Methods of propagating Pitayas, how to trellis and fertilise. Photos from around the world.

Perry’s Fruit & Nut Nursery
Select from a huge range of temperate and tropical fruit tree varieties that can provide you with fruit all year round. Trees may be collected from nursery or ordered on-line and delivered from McLaren Flat, South Australia.

Balhannah Nurseries
Balhannah Nurseries is South Australia’s leading supplier of deciduous fruit trees for the home gardener and commercial grower.

Beekeepers Society of South Australia
Monthly meetings, guest speakers, educational outings.

Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery
Located in Kyogle, New South Wales. An Australian nursery specialising in subtropical fruit and nut trees.

Rare Fruit Australia
Website for North Queensland branches of the Rare Fruit Council. The aim of this organisation is to promote the introduction and culture of rare and exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm
Located in Far North Queensland. An exotic organic fruit farm providing bed and breakfast, fruit tasting and orchard tours. A lot of information is available at this site.

Tropical Fruit World
A tropical fruit plantation, research park, and tourist attraction with rides, shopping and dining, in Northern NSW, just south of the Queensland border.

Far North Queensland Tropical Food Trail
If you are visiting the Cairns region, this provides some interesting itineraries based on the tropical food specialties of the region.

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers
Gives advice on how to grow fruit trees in containers. From the University of Florida. Provides a list of tropical fruit trees which can be successfully grown in a container.

The Ultimate Citrus Page
A portal to the world of citrus – based on the Florida Citrus Industry and linked to other citrus sites around the world. Features an excellent citrus searcher.

The Fruit Blog
Discussion page on fruit and fruit breeding, and heaps of links to other good stuff.

Tampa Bay Rare Fruit Council
The Tampa Bay Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council International of Florida USA, welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about growing edible plants.

Trade Winds Fruit
A tropical plant seed, botanical soap, and handmade candle retailer. Throughout this site you will find images, descriptions and information on fruit cultivation. It contains a very comprehensive list of fruit tree common and botanical names.

Van Well Nursery
This Washington USA site contains descriptions and images of many pome and stone fruit suitable for cooler climates. Also information on rootstocks and tree planting.

The Food Forest
Is a permaculture farm and learning centre near Gawler, South Australia, being developed by Annemarie and Graham Brookman and their children Tom and Nikki, to demonstrate how an ordinary family, with a typical Australian income can grow its own food and create a productive and diverse landscape.

Northwest Berry & Grape
This information net is cooperatively produced by the Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University and United States Department of Agriculture.

Keeper’s Nursery
Is a leading specialist fruit tree nursery in the UK. With over 600 varieties, we probably offer the largest selection of fruit trees for sale in the world.

Texas Citrus
This site was created in affiliation with the Horticultural Sciences Department at Texas A&M University. Contains a lot of information about citrus and sub-tropical fruit.

WA Nut & Tree Crop Association
West Australian Nut & Tree Crop Association (WANATCA) is now defunct, however the club’s website has been archived and is available here. Much worthwhile information.

Free species directory that anyone can add to or edit. It covers Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life.

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