Pruning Stone Fruit

Q: When is it too late to prune stone fruit? I’ve been away and have just returned and my peach and nectarines look like the blossoms are about to open.

Is it to late to prune at this stage?

A: Peaches and Nectarines fruit on previous years wood so leaving the shoots from last year will encourage fruit this year. However if you want fruit next year you will have to encourage new growth this year which will involve some pruning.

It certainly is not too late to prune when the trees are about to bud in fact some advice is that it is better to prune when the tree starts to show some life, as it reduces the risk of disease entering through the pruning cuts.

Summer pruning is also encouraged, however do not be too severe as major pruning can produce sap weeping from the cuts and from the branch unions, as the tree is full of energy at that time

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