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■  We grow fruits and food plants from the four corners of the globe. They originate from

    cool-temperate, temperate, subtropical and elevated tropical regions. Records are kept of

    our successes and failures.

■  We listen to top Guest Speakers at most of our meetings and are presented with the best

     local knowledge from our more experienced members.

■  We learn to graft, bud and propagate at our  workshop sessions and from our library and

     locally produced fact sheets.

■  We receive a newsletter at each meeting containing articles and experiences supplied by

     other members. It usually contains an outline of the presentation by the previous guest

     speaker or a description of a prior field trip or seminar.

■  We participate in field trips to established fruit properties, research stations and other

     member's orchards. A sampling of the produce is usually enjoyed.

■  We set up a trading table at nearly every meeting where members may purchase fruit

     trees, rootstocks, budwood, grafting material and unusual plants, at a modest price.

■  We have a large collection of rare and heritage variety fruit trees grown by our members.

     Recently we have established a fruit tree orchard at Kangarilla which will provide

     propagating material for both common and scarce fruit cultivars.


■  During July, we have three deciduous fruit grafting sessions. Rootstocks and budwood

     will be available for purchase. Members will have priority over visitors. Grafting

     techniques will be demonstrated. Fig and grape cuttings are also available. Full details of

     times and venues will be available on our web site in the Meetings area prior to July.

■  Unfortunately it is difficult to arrange permits and observe regulations regarding sending

     propagating material interstate. Hopefully, one day we will have a sub-committee

     prepared to meet this challenge.

■  Our society is only a club of members, not a commercial nursery, so we do not run a

     mail order service selling grafted trees.



Public Contacts

President   David Kerber 0400 726 294
Vice President   Steve Sykes 0427 453 622
Newsletter - Frank Prinz 0435 302 105
Website - Pam Robinson (08) 8390 3254
Secretary - Megan Mann 0400 878 007
Librarian - Ed Tylkowski (08) 8336 5576
Postal address
Treasurer/        -  Jenny Meacham
     Membership PO Box 659
  South Australia 5252
  (08) 8388 6583



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■  Our font size is larger than most web sites. This enables us to easily

     read a digital projection at our public meetings.


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