What’s New

As you can see, our website has undergone major changes. The Rare Fruit Society committee hopes that you will find this new format enjoyable and interesting.

21/11/2019 Added “What’s On”page to provide provisional details of our meetings and related events in our region

29/03/2019  Reworked photo galleries to make them more mobile device friendly

16/11/2018  Added a number of non-fruit related links to the links page

01/10/2018  Reworked Samples page to expand sample image information

28/09/2018  Added November meeting details

01/08/2018  Added Espalier section from old website to public area

31/07/2018   Added T-budding photos to Members/Grafting area

31/07/2018  Added vegetable page to Members/Fruit Info area

25/07/2018   Added grafting photos to Members/Grafting area