July Meeting 23rd July 2019

Grafting Night
Tuesday 23rd July 7.45pm at the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore, corner of Portrush Road, behind Burnside Town Hall.

Please note that this year there will be no grafting sessions held at Elizabeth (see update below) or Moana. This is because we don’t have enough skilled grafters and general helpers available to run these sessions effectively.

The committee has decided there should be more emphasis on the teaching of grafting skills. There will be plenty of scrap wood available to practice on, under the watchful eye of an experienced grafter. Of course scion wood and rootstocks will still be available, but there will be NO grafting done for people.

The aim of the society is to disperse and thus conserve heritage varieties of deciduous fruits. Your personal aim is probably to get varieties that are special in some way, maybe rare, maybe especially late or early or long season croppers, maybe special cooking, preserving or drying fruits, maybe special flavours and colours that you won’t get at the shops.

Check our website for descriptions of the varieties you may want and plan to get them, and suitable rootstocks if required, at the meeting. Keep in mind that rootstocks for some species, such as walnuts and chestnuts, will probably not be available.

As a member you will have a password to our website, to access it from home or your local library. We will try to provide some information at the meetings, but the meeting is liable to be hectic and the people with in-depth knowledge are likely to be flat out answering questions, so please don’t rely on a good long conversation with them for your research.

Scout around for your information beforehand and Be Prepared!

Update – Northern Area:
A Grafting workshop will be held on Saturday 27th July from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Joe’s Connected Garden, 4 Argent St Elizabeth Grove.
Grafting knives, rootstock and scion wood will be available for sale and we will show people how to graft.
Note that there will only be a couple of people available for volunteer grafting on the day and this will be mainly in a teaching role.

22nd January 2019