Some of our varieties at different seasons



Dormant Raineclaude Plum



Plumcot flowering



Young White Sapote



White Sapote



Young Persimmon



Akayaki Persimmon



Rymerson Persimmon



Ripe Persimmons






O'Henry Peach



Hosui Nashi Fruit



Malasian Guava



Young Kensington Mango



Dormant Jujube






Hairless Kiwifruit



Young Fig



Well shaped Fig branches



Dormant Figs






Harcot Apricot



Hunter Apricot



Ultra-violet stable engraved label



Chip budded apple



Plum top grafted to change variety



Side grafted Plum



Side grafted Apple



Ripe Autumn Giant Plum



Re- worked Mulberry